Gender discrimination in nationality laws is a root cause of childhood statelessness. Gender-discriminatory policies and practices also contribute to statelessness among children.

Children rendered stateless by gender-discriminatory laws and practices are often unable to enjoy a broad range of human rights, including family unity, freedom of movement, and access to education, healthcare, and a range of social services.

In this report:

  • What is gender discrimination?
  • Countries with gender-discriminatory nationality laws regarding the conferral of nationality on children
  • Why does gender discrimination contribute to statelessness among children?
  • What is the impact of gender discrimination in nationality laws and statelessness on children?
  • Children currently and formerly affected by statelessness because of gender discrimination
  • International and regional instruments promoting gender equality in nationality laws
  • Regional declarations and protocols
  • The Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights
  • More information about gender discrimination & childhood statelessness

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