The Campaign

Campaign Mission

The Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights mobilizes international action to achieve law reform in the 25 countries that prevent mothers from conferring their nationality on their children on an equal basis with fathers; and to achieve law reform in the 50+ countries which deny women equal nationality rights with men, including conferral of nationality to non-national spouses. 


Coalition Members include local, regional and international NGOs, academics, civil society partners, UN agencies, and government allies across the globe. Coalition members contribute to the Campaign in a variety of ways, including through local activism, international advocacy, knowledge sharing, capacity building and research. Interested organizations and individuals are invited to join the Campaign Coalition.


Founding Steering Committee members include Equality NowEqual Rights Trust, the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)Women’s Learning Partnership, and the Women’s Refugee Commission, where the Campaign

Core Activities

National Advocacy:

In consultation with national and regional organizations and Coalition members, the Campaign supports advocacy for nationality law reform in target countries. The Campaign works with national partners to identify potential entry points for promoting change and develop national advocacy strategies.

Global Advocacy:

The Campaign’s global advocacy complements national-level reform efforts, increasing awareness at the international level of the need for gender equal nationality laws worldwide. Global advocacy interventions include engagement of target and champion governments; providing information to relevant UN Treaty Bodies and special mechanisms; and mobilizing UN and international civil society actors.

Research & Knowledge Sharing:

The Campaign collaborates with international and national actors to identify research gaps and engage allies to conduct needed research pertaining to gender discrimination in nationality laws. The Campaign provides technical assistance and implements capacity building activities to support nationality law reform efforts, including through the sharing of good practices and lessons learned among civil society groups and governments leaders.



Your support will help realize a world where nationality rights are based on citizenship, not gender.