Catherine Harrington staff photoCatherine Harrington is Campaign Manager for the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights, a coalition of UN agencies, international, regional and local NGOs, academics and civil society partners, housed within the Women's Refugee Commission.

She is a member of the High Level Working Group on Women’s Access to Justice, a group of justice, human rights and gender experts from governments, civil society organizations, academia and intergovernmental organizations, advocating for the prioritization of women’s justice needs in the lead-up to the United Nations High-level Political Forum in 2019, and serves on the Steering Committee for UN Women’s forthcoming Leveling the Law initiative to end gender-discriminatory laws. Ms. Harrington was previously the Senior Program Officer for Advocacy and Communications at Women's Learning Partnership (WLP), an international partnership of women's rights organizations. Catherine has also been a research assistant at the Center on International Cooperation and an editorial assistant for Foreign Affairs at the Council on Foreign Affairs. She has co-produced two films – one on the backlash against women's rights post-Arab Spring, Because Our Cause Is Just, and a documentary on combating gender-based violence, From Fear to Freedom. She has presented and conducted training on advocacy for gender equality in multiple regions. Catherine holds a Master of Science in Global Affairs from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Tulane University.